3 Investment pieces every woman should own

Fashion trends come and go…However, if you are looking to make smarter shopping decisions, especially during sales, bookmark this post because these pieces are worth every penny.

3 Fashion Investments you need

1….Invest in a classic camel coat

Functional and timeless. Check this from It will keep you stylish for years to come.


How to wear a camel coat?

You can wear it with jeans, a cozy grey sweater and white sneakers to black leather pants, a black lace shirt and high heels plus…. everything in between. Check out the collage below for inspiration.

How to wear a camel coat

Essential wool cashmere Theory coat (on sale)  // Harris Wharf London coat

Lauren Ralph Lauren on sale short camel coat (on sale)

2… Go for High waisted jeans

Adds an instant hourglass look and makes your legs look longer.

mom jeans velvet pumps

How to wear high waist pants?

Velvet pumps or booties give a modern twist but check out the collage below for more mom jeans inspiration.

mom jeans how to weaar

Asos original mom jeans // Black slim mom jeans

Mom jeans (on sale)

Wear a blazer

A black blazer works with everything from a slim pants to a cocktail dress to jeans. If it is fitted it will give you a feminine edge with it’s clean line.


How to wear a blazer?

how to wear blazes

Paper London oversized blazer // J Crew classic blazer (on sale) // Velvet blazer Madewell

Long tailored jacket //

Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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