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3 Awesome Mother's Day Personalized Gifts Ideas - TrendSurvivor

3 Awesome Mother’s Day Personalized Gifts Ideas

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time (if you haven’t already started) to find your mama the perfect gift.

Buying gifts for my mom is not that difficult. I know what she likes!

But her gifts to me are always so amazing… remember that Hermes Evelyne?

How can you beat that?

I want to find something to make her happy and show her that I made the made extra effort.

I know it would make her really happy is if she felt I took the time to get her something personalized.

We had some rough times when I was a teenager and she was very young and inexperienced. We have just 19 years difference…

My mom is super supportive – especially with my blogging career – loving,  generous and very kind !

Happy early Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mama’s around the globe!

3 Personalized gifts Ideas for Mother’s Day

Three personalized gifts I’m sure most moms would love!

1.  Get your Mom  Personalized Note Cards from MOO

Moo square cards

My mother loves loves cards. I know where to get that… Best online store for cards

They have everything from business cards to personal notecards. They love great design and can work wonders for everyone. Moo makes it simple to create beautiful, expertly crafted stationery.

I am into square cards now, blame it on Instagram, so I would go for that option.

2. Get her a personalized leather GiGi New York iPhone case

GiGi New York iPhone 6 white leather personalized case

Does your mom have an iPhone 6? If, yes. I have just the perfect gift for her. GiGi New York just came up with this amazing wallet and iPhone case combo.

GiGi New York iPhone 6 white leather case

3. Get her favorite picture framed from FrameBridge

framebridge gold frame



I actually met the FrameBridge team in Dallas at the rewardStyle conference and they had this picture of me and baby Spot framed. Judging from how happy I felt, I can imagine how my mom would feel if I got, an old pic full of memories framed for her.

Framebridge golden frame mom dog

Make sure you order your Mother’s day frame on time.

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