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2017 Style According to your Zodiac sign - TrendSurvivor

2017 Style According to your Zodiac sign

Learn how lucky Jupiter, retrograding Venus and something called the Grand Fire Trine will influence your wardrobe in 2017.

What’s in the stars for 2017? An eclectic mix of the eighties, power dressing, and romance means we’re entering strange times, however, astrology could potentially  help you navigate the changing fashion and beauty landscape.

See what the year ahead has in store for your sign.

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This year, don’t be afraid to experiment. In March and April, beauty planet Venus will retrograde in your sign. The successful phase you have been enjoying will get extended into this year making you confident about your future.


Taurus get your best athleisure ready, because you’re going to spend the first half of 2017 prepping for a major career breakthrough in late summer. You have two eclipses lighting up your home sector, so you’ll want to be comfortable during those major transitions.


Gemini are getting lucky in 2017! Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, has been lighting up your pleasure sector since last August, and odds are good that any extra spicy adventures have been reflected in your aesthetic.


Sometimes it seems like everyone sees you as a princess, and while you are incredibly kind, that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to lead. This year sees you leaning in and becoming the intrepid captain of your life, with the wardrobe to match.


Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries align with your sign in what’s called a Grand Fire Trine, fanning the flames of your creativity and influence to propel you to new heights. You’ll definitely be outside your comfort zone in lots of exciting ways, and you’ll want to be dressed for the occasion. Think color-blocked looks in bright hues and platform shoes.


As the stars align in the areas of your horoscope associated with the supernatural. Two eclipses in February activate your psychic senses, and a few tweaks to your look might be just what you need to complete your magical transformation. Add something blue to your wardrobe.


You’re riding high off Jupiter’s entry into your sign last September, enjoying a season of success that only comes around once every 12 years. You’re usually somewhat demure, but tension from Uranus and Pluto means that right now, you’ve got the edge to pull this off. Red dresses,  platform shoes, broad shoulders, and smoky eyes all draw people into your larger-than-life persona.


Your ruling planet, Pluto, has been in your networking zone since 2008, putting you in powerful social circles. Pluto is in Capricorn, so make that sign’s favorite neutral—nautical stripes—your go-to.


This is for me.

Get ready for the busiest year of all! With your ruling planet, Jupiter, in your social sector until October, you’ll have more invitations than you have space in your calendar. Responsible Saturn has been in your sign since last September, showing you how to stretch your money and put it into things you really love. Do quality over quantity: investment pieces, a bespoke scent, and a haircut that accentuates your best features all give you the luxury you crave without breaking the bank.


You’re usually such a pragmatist, but as surreal as 2016 has been, you may have felt like you’ve been living in the Upside Down. That’s because your ruling planet, Saturn, has been in your dreams sector since last September, blurring the lines between fantasy and fiction. Visionary Uranus will be in sync with Saturn throughout 2017, amplifying the effect. Consider this an opportunity to experiment with styles you might think are strange.


As the zodiac’s “it girl”, you’re used to being in high demand, but in 2017, your popularity soars to new heights. It’s all thanks to your ruling planet, Uranus in your networking sector, making your already vibrant personality even more electrifying. Keep your signature color palette of brights, but deploy it in unexpected ways, like colorblocking and stripes.


After your ruling planet, Neptune, entered your sign in 2012, you’ve been more self-confident, with or without the world’s approval. In February, the last in a cycle of eclipses in your sign inspires you to reinvent your whole aesthetic accordingly. Pisces shines in dreamy florals and blues.

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