2014 Summer Shoe Trends

Gorgeous to Go Chris Craymer Vogue Korea April 14 shoes

What with shoe trends this year, Victoria Beckham sporting brogues, Elle magazine featuring Birkenstock sandals with socks, the likes of  ebay having more shoe sections than David has tattoos, it appears that we are spoilt for choice as anything goes. Let’s take a look at three of the hottest footwear trends this summer…

Victoria Beckham Brogues

All Wedged Up!

Isabel Marant sandals

The autumn fashion shows hinted at these being a huge hit this summer, again, and they haven’t disappointed – the spring fashion week saw models at least 6 inches higher (as if they need to be any taller). It appears that pretty much any style of sandal can be wedged up. Delicate little straps, gladiator, or thick chunky sandals all adorn a wedge. A great shoe for the evening, but don’t attempt a day excursion in them as your feet may never be the same again… not to mention the fact that you will have to spend the day alone as no husband is going to like being dwarfed for the day!

Sandals… but not as we know it

Of course sandals are always going to be about in the summer, but with so many different types around it’s hard to know what to buy. Flat sandals are always a big hit and are appealing to all age groups. Awesome for the beach or swanking it around a Continental market, they are perfect with long, sweeping skirts.

The traditional Roman sandal has gone all Centurion and the extravagant gladiator sandals leatherwork is finding its way halfway up the leg. Another popular trend this year is to shoejazzle those babies up – you can’t get too many jewels on those sandals right now. And team them with a clear platform sole and you’ve got some seriously impressive jangly spangly footwear… probably only suitable for the bravest and people who really embrace the ‘ugly shoe’ look. For a more elegant, feminine style, the traditional sandal pump is still around (thank goodness) but again with lots of variations.

Pointy toe heel

Vogue Korea shoes

Pointy toed shoes and sandals are also in this summer. They are not the best for comfort, but they definitely have the sexy award. Although some look like they’ve just been sawn in half and the back of the shoe is hanging around some where and some look like the shoe version of a ‘cut and shut’ car – pointy sandal at the front, a cut out at the back and then somehow they manage to continue into a boot! They are being worn with short skirts and shorts and are definitely a cool modern shoe.

Don’t worry if none of these styles are floating your boat – the good old white Birkenstock is still out there, mules are always going to be the super comfort shoe and the pump is, well, the pump, and going nowhere fast. It doesn’t really matter what you choose this summer as it’s such an eclectic trend this year that nothing will look out of place.

Photos © Vogue Korea, me

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