2014 January Outfit posts- Summer and Winter Mix

Collage January 2014 outfits

My personal style recap post of the best January 2014 outfits includes summer and winter looks. I spent half of January in Athens and half in California. Yes, I know I feel lucky too. Which one is your favorite look?

PS (Personal Style)- Daytime chic Feathers

PS (Personal Style)- Daytime chic Feathers… see more

The Apivita Experience with Niki

The Apivita Experience with Niki… read more


PS- Tartan and Leather, It clothes never die…

PS- Tartan and Leather, It clothes never die… see more

floral print Zara shirt street style

PS- Summer Blossoms at La Jolla Caroline’s Seaside Cafe… read more

PS- California Dreaming in Cobalt Blue

PS- California Dreaming in Cobalt Blu… read more

PS (Personal Style)- The Camel Coat

PS (Personal Style)- The Camel Coat… see more

PS- Radiant Pink Incorporated

PS- Radiant Pink Incorporated… see more

PS- Silk Jumpsuit Perfection

PS- Silk Jumpsuit Perfection… see more

PS- High Heels and Red lipstick

PS- High Heels and Red lipstick.. see more

Photos © AF

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Love all of these. Now we have to talk about your hair in the camel coat post, adore! I always see chic ponytails like that and I just look like a muppet every time I try! You look stunning.

    xx Cara

    1. Thank you Cara…As for the secret of my chic ponytail as you call it, is that my hairdresser straightened my hair.

  2. Nina, they are all such wonderful looks, it is hard to choose. Like Cara mentioned, I love your overall look in the camel coat, but the bright blue outfits in Cali make me excited for Spring and Summer, and the jumpsuit with the Hermes bag is classic…

    Xo Elaine

    1. Thank you Elaine. The camel coat look is one of my favorite for winter but I am so happy I can wear the new bright summer dress now even if I didn’t actually wear it with the high heels.

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