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2013 December- Glamazon Outfit posts - TrendSurvivor

2013 December- Glamazon Outfit posts

December 2013 outfits

A personal style recap post with my 10 best outfits of December which include three glamorous evening looks. Silk, sequins and crystal embellished dresses matched with Christian Louboutin sandals… Glamazon is a woman with an overdeveloped sense of beauty, glamour, and fashion…. 🙂

PS (Personal Style)- New Year’s Eve Red Maxi Dress and Max = Mission Impossible… read more


Maxi White by Guy Laroche… read more


PS (Personal Style)- Winter Whites… read more


Christmas Sparkling Silver and Gold Sequin… read more

Maximo-Boxer baby

PS- Say Hello to Maximo… read more


PS- Oneonone Stylish Neoprene Jacket… read more


PS- The Green Dress and Vintage Prada Coat… read more


PS (Personal Style)- Off Duty Fur…read more


PS (Personal Style)- It’s my Birthday and I will wear what I want to… read more


PS (Personal Style)- Touch Ruby Red…read more

Photos © AF

Have a lovely Day!!!


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    1. Thank you my dear Vanda :). I loved shopping garments I could wear for years…

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