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Beauty Nail … Fantasy !!!

Prada fantasy handbag, black leather yellow car

Inspired by Prada fantasy I did not use just sugar pastel pink nail polish! My new love is Models OwnPro nail colors… I ordered a set of 6 pastel shades and unable to decide which one to use… Hmm I used them all !!! Now, that is what I called nail fantasy!!! What do you think?
pink yellow blue multicolor nails
Models Ownpro Nail Polish
pink yellow blue multicolor nails Prada fantasy black leather car handbag
Prada Bag S/S 2012
pink yellow blue orange multicolor nails
1. Lilac Dream NP 049
2. Pastel Pink NP 033
3. Lemon Meringue NP 030
4. Feeling Blue NP 031
5. Fuzzy Peach NP 015
You can find it here
Have a lovely Day!!!


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