CARNIVAL PARTY FASHION- Trendy Ideas for Fancy Hair Styles and Extreme Make-up !

Russian Designer masks for Halloween

Following my comprehensive post on

CARNIVAL PARTY FASHION : Trendy Ideas for Fancy Halloween Outfits, Extravagant Hair Styles and Extreme Make-up !

I found some more inspiring photographs for a trendy halloween looks that are relatively easy to adopt!!!


Neon colorful make up

Going Green


New York Fashion Week 2012 Extreme Make Up
New Romance Extreme Make up
Inspiring Neon light make up
Hair shaped like a hat
Spooky Halloween Make up
silver foil eye make up
Spooky make up
Feather Carnival Mask
Thom Browne FW2012 extreme fashion
Lace Animal ears
Spike Mask for Halloween
Extreme Make up
Amazing Extreme make up idea!

I am not really in the Carnival mood this season but I sure wanted to try these crazy make up styles just for fun!!!

Click here for …

DIY Carnival Ideas : How to Make the Bat Headband


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