Best New Year Wishes with Pictures… May All Our Dreams Come True!

1/9 : Value Real Natural Beauty


via WordlessTech

Natural fireworks from Spiral Galaxy… read more

2/9 : Open Doors and Explore New Opportunities

high fashion Karl Lagerfeld

Photographer : Carl Lagerfeld

Left : Givenchy Haute Couture dress and a Chanel Haute Couture hat

Right: Top and dress by Prada and a Leah C. Couture Millinery hat

3/9 : Dance and Smile

girls dancing in red

4/9 : Be Different… Be Yourself

New designers

5/9 : Work in Teams


200 inhabitants, 15 nations, 600 experiments

ISS – 10 Years : The International Space Station Program’s greatest accomplishment is as much a human achievement as a technological one… Read more

via WordlessTech

6/9 : Keep Dreaming

flower-bath beauty

7/9 : Help Save the Planet


Polar Bear to Ship : Go Away! Go Home! Read More…

National Geographic Photographer : Michael Nolan

8/9  : Exceed you Potential…  Spread your Wings and Fly

Angelina jolie aeroplane

Photographer : Annie Lebovitz

Model : Angelina Jolie

 9/9 : Feel Sexy

Jac Jagaciak Dons Vibrant Hues for the August Issue of Vogue China by JMN

Jac Jagaciak Dons Vibrant Hues for the August Issue of Vogue China by JMN

 Well, it all boils down to feeling good about yourself! Viewing your life with optimism, humor, courage and strength and your future with vision, hope and passion!



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