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13 Stylish Travel Outfit Essentials, Isabel Marant bobby sneakers, Alexander Wang Marti backpack

Isabel Marant Bobbi sneakers grey

Alexander Wang Marti green backpack, stone wall

Aegean luxury Villa wooden door, Paros, Travel chic outfit


As a style publisher, packing light is even more important than wearing a travel outfit that is comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

However, I definitely had to break my old habit of wearing passe juicy couture tracksuits and come up with style-savvy alternative for traveling and I have to create a 12 Stylish Travel Outfit Essentials list and stick with it.


Stylish Travel Outfit


I found the balance between cozy and cool with soft cotton hoody over a t-shirt, a large scarf, a soft stretch pair of skinny pants and comfortable-yet-chic footwear.

Lightweight layers from breathable cotton are key and deciding one one basic color makes packing easier. I am going though sage green phase this summer but for winter I would go for total black or brown earth tones.

Using the Alexander Wang Marti backpack has saved me. You can use the outside pockets to have easy access to all your travel document and inside you can even fit your laptop and DSLR camera. The handbag itself is heavy with all those zippers and durable leather but it’s very spacious.


13 Summer Stylish Travel Outfit Essentials list


And now comes the toughest part because packing isn’t easy for me.

I have to learn to create minimalist packing lists. I must confess! I always overpack and I should not be giving you advice.

However, I am eager to change. I am packing for a week in Italy and Switzerland with my kids, who both travel light by the way, and I am going to use this 13 items summer packing list that gives a varying travel wardrobe options maximizing my potential looks.

As with all the lists, it is important to select clothing items that work well together and can be used interchangeably.

1. One T-shirt

2. A pair of skinny jeans

3. A midi skirt

4. A lace top

5. A pair of bermuda shorts

6. A shirt or blouse

7. A long cardigan

8. A little (black or white) dress

9. Flats

10. Heels

11. Sneakers

12. Culottes or wide pants

13. Mini cross-body handbag


Skinny jeans, hoody, sage green, Isabel Marant sneakers, Alexander Wang backpack street style


T-shirt Isabel Marant ( similar cotton green t-shirt Asos)  //   Hoody All Saints (old) ( similar cozy hoody in black )  //  Skinny stretch pants ( similar sage green jeans Asos ) //  High top concealed wedge Bobby sneakers Isabel Marant from Barneys or MyTheresa if you are in Europe // Alexander Wang Marti backpack in black with black zippers  ( mini Marti green )





PS. Candy, Alexandra’s super athletic super friendly dog is starring in this outfit post we shot in her luxury villas in Paros.

Ph- Natasa Kost

Have a lovely Day!!!

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