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13 Breathtaking Blush Color Home Decor Ideas - TrendSurvivor

13 Breathtaking Blush Color Home Decor Ideas

How to incorporate blush color in your home decoration? Check out these 13 breathtaking pastel pink interior design ideas.

Whisper-soft and ultra-pale shades of pink, described by interior designers as blush tones, are the new classics.

Using blush pink accents in your home decor is the perfect way to brighten up your space with little investment.

CStyling blush pink home decor04

1…. Total Blush?!!! Yes or No??


CStyling blush pink home decor00

2… Maybe just the flowers???

Styling blush pink home decor08

3… Blush bedsheets

Styling blush pink home decor09

4…. Pastel pink retro Bathtub

Styling blush pink home decor03 bath

5… Velvet armchair

pink arm chai

Similar here and here

6… Just muted pink pillows

blush pillows decor

Blush pillows here with fringes, here geometric print

7… Flowers and napkins

CStyling blush pink home decor14

8… Velvet couch

Styling blush pink home decor12

9…Dinner Party in … blush theme

Dinner party blush pink home decor06

10…. Wearing ….

CStyling blush pink home decor10

11… Relax

CStyling blush pink home decor13

12.. Pink love balloons

CStyling blush pink home decor11

Blush color candle //  All Roads Anthropology pillow // pastel pillows bed sheets Nordstrom // Pink car print by Rebecca Plotnick // Lilly Pulitzer armchair // Blush chairs


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