100 Years of American Fashion History Video

I enjoyed the American fashion history video, 100 years of style wrapped up in 2 minutes. Have you ever noticed how dramatically fashion changed through the decades especially from 1905 to 1995 ?

100 Years of American Fashion History Video 1970s, 2015,

Loved the 1950s style, obsessed with the 1970s – probably because it’s fashionable this year –  and totally getting the boyfriend jeans with high heels outfit of 2015.

According to the American fashion history video 2005 didn’t have much to offer. Skinny jeans would have been a better choice, if you ask me…

Enjoy history’s big fashion moments!

Have a lovely Day!!!

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  1. What a coincidence, I was on Youtube this morning and found the same clip! It was great! You could definitely see the shift from ladylike fashion from the 1970s and onwards.

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