10 things to get rid in 2017

Start 2017 fresh by getting rid of 15 things you don’t need. Minimalism is a way of life.



Get rid of…


1… Missmatched socks

Get rid of the socks that don’t have partners.

2… Neglected stacks of paper

Go through your stacks of paper and get rid of old bank statements, bills you don’t need etc

3… Old calendars

Maybe it’s time to go digital? I have been using my iphone for the past 2 years but there are app like the week cal that are really helpful if you are super busy.

4… CDs and DVDs

Load them on to your computer and a portable hard drive. That way you can declutter your space and hold on to what you like.

5… Expired toiletries

Go to your bathroom and declutter all you expired toiletries.

6…Clothing that doesn’t fit

Evaluate your clothing and donate or sell what doesn’t fit.

7… Old food

Go through the cabinets and check the expiration dates.

8… Old Linens

Go through the linens. I am sure you have many you no longer use.


Go through boxes from electronic devices or online shopping. Recycle.


Get rid of all those little papers.


Have a lovely Day!!!


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