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10 Summer Vacation Must Haves - TrendSurvivor

10 Summer Vacation Must Haves

Icelle 10 summer Vacation Must haves
As I am packing for a trip to Paros, a beautiful Greek Island in the Aegean sea, I am running through my mind the latest summer trends and this is my list of the 10 absolute vacation must haves. I mean besides the denim shorts you can see in Icelle’s collage.

1. Statement Sunglasses. If you ask me it should be a pair of Celine sunnies. I got the skate-D Celine flat tops but Audrey would do just fine.

2. Gandys Flip Flops. I am so bored Havaianas, plus 10% of their sales goes to orphans.


3. Dungaree Shorts. I got mine from Zara and like wearing it with an embroidery white blouse.

Trendsurvivor summer4. Chanel Espadrilles. Even though Chanel are my favorite I am still loving mine from Penelope Chilvers.


5. Wayuu handbag. The authentic Colombian handmade bags.

Spring Cleaning my Designer Sunglasses with Oliver-0003

6. A head scarf. I saw it on the runway for SS 2013 everywhere … from Dolce and Gabbana to Marc Jacobs and it’s the one item that can update a look. Yes, I have packed one. Yes, I will show you…

7.  Stack friendship bracelets. Some summer colorful arm candy is a must.

8. Floral prints. Could be your swimming suit, a pants, a tailored jacket, a pair of shorts… or all of the above.

9. Stripped top or pants. Wearing blue and white stripes is so Island chic.

10. Sunscreen Face Cream Yoghurt Korres.

Korres sunscreen Yoghurt

10 Summer Vacation Must Haves

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Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Espadrilles will be my next a buy!:D Thanks a lot Nina, I really appreciated it, followed you too there now! Kisses! xo

    1. Thank you Rachel… I was wearing it yesterday in Paros and I got so many compliment!

  2. Ideal combination of dresses, bags and footwear for summer travel by Nina. Loved them and shall surely take care before going for a trip this time.

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