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10 stylish ways to Belt up - TrendSurvivor

10 stylish ways to Belt up

Belts are most practical of accessories and they are getting a modish update this year. Check out the following 10 inspiring ways to style your outfits with a belt.

If you are bored of wearing your clothes over and over again. …. try it… One of the best ways to change up an outfit and make it look fresh is to add a belt to it.

A belt with a western spirit will boost any wardrobe; look for decorative buckles, studs and whipstitch trims to add style currency.

Alternatively, opt for luxe bejeweled and velvet styles that will blow new life into jeans.

And if neither of those appeal, oversized wonderfully clean, Seventies styles can’t be beaten.

Use stylish belts to revitalise your wardrobe immediately.

How to wear belts?? Ideas…

How to wear a belt

1.. Belt bag over sweaters

Gucci belt bag

Gucci red belt bag if you wish to splurge or this one if you wish to save!!!

2… Belt bag over a dress

Gucci belt bag over dress

Beige GG Marmont belt bag

3… Belt bag over blazer

Prada belt bag over blazer

Prada black Cahier belt bag

4…Logo Gucci belt with high waist pants

Gucci logo belt high waist

Double G buckle belt // pre-loved Gucci logo belt

5… Belt over pants suit

belt over suit

 Leather burgundy belt

6… Boyfriend belt over cardigan

boyfriend belt over jacket

2 pack tan and black Asos belts

7.. Double G with jeans

double G with jeans

Black double G // Chic plain silver buckle leather belt

8… Scarf belt with jeans

scarf belt

Scarf Hermes pre-loved and here

9.. Belt bag with jumper

Belt bag with jumper

Black belt bag

10… Belt with dress

belt dress


Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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  1. Love this, I can barely get out of the house with my hair pulled back. I need to take a minute and throw on a belt…happy belt wearing!

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