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10 Shopping Rules To Live By - TrendSurvivor

10 Shopping Rules To Live By

Ten shopping rules to live by that will help your wallet and closet. Over the years I have accumulated a lot. Unfortunately not all were great purchases but I try to learn from my mistakes.

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Vestiaire Collective’s ( the place to buy and sell luxury pre-owned fashion ) co-founder Fanny Moizant’s said : To keep a clean and efficient wardrobe, she set herself ground rules: constantly editing and selling without looking back, allowing her to buy new pieces.

Have you tried the the one in one out strategy?? I try to do this…

I force myself to sell or donate a piece before I make my next purchase.

1… Buy clothes that fit

It’s best to buy things that fit or need minimal alterations. Sounds obvious?! However, I am sure you all have a bargain in your closet that is not exactly your size… I know I have!

2… Don’t let Sales cloud your judgement

I certainly love a good deal and low prices but due to my impulsive purchases, I am left with a large pile of thing to sell and donate.

3….Be Practical

Ask yourself  “will I wear this more than once?” If the answer is no, then forget it.

4… Buy what you love

Would you love it if it was not on sale? This is the question.

5…If you need to think about it…

The answer is most probably, no. Anyway, sleep on it and see, will you remember it the next morning?

6…Don’t buy based only on price

Buying something cheap doesn’t mean you will wear it…See rule number 2.

7….Buy quality VS quantity

Try to buy classic high quality items on sale. Classic items will always be better than trendy pieces that will last one or two seasons.

8… Buy versatile clothes

Buy items that will pair with other items in your wardrobe.

9… Choose what makes you feel good

Feel great inside your new clothes. Confidence is more important than pretty clothes.

10…Set a budget and detox your wardrobe regularly

Set a budget and stick to the things you have decided you need. Detox your wardrobe regularly to make room for new.

Fanny’s second rule is that she has to be able to see her whole wardrobe in one go. She doesn’t want to lose time every morning having to go through piles, rails, and other storage systems.

OMG! That is a hard one for me…

You can also check the do’s and don’ts of shopping on sale


Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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