10 Secrets to Score Cheaper Airline Tickets

Learn how to score cheaper Airline Tickets because cheap flight tickets really do exist! And you do not need to spend night hours hunched over your laptop to get them.

Actually, you don’t even to book your flights months in advance…. The key to finding great airfares is simply having a system in place.

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10 Secrets to Score Cheaper Airline tickets


10 Ways To Score Cheaper Airline Tickets


Follow these tips and save some money to spend once you actually arrive at your desired  destination!


1… Travel on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Saturdays

Avoid Monday tickets because there is a high demand which increases prices. Best days of the week to book flights are Tuesday, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

2… Early morning flights are cheaper

Waking up early will pay off.

3… Book your flight six weeks in advance

Booking six weeks in advance is the sweet spot.

4… Book separately 

If you are booking for 2 people book the flights separately. If you book together, both tickets must be the same price which might be higher.

5…. Sign up for airline loyalty cards and airfare alerts

Sign up directly with your favorite airlines for e-alerts and a loyalty card. They’ll let you know every time they have a promotion.

6…. Follow Airlines on Social Media

More and more, airlines are sharing exclusive flash sales with their Facebook and Twitter followers.

7…. Be ready to purchase

If you see the flight you want for a low price be ready to purchase. You might not find it again.

8…. Avoid heavy travel days

For example Christmas and fourth of July tickets cost more.

9…. Travel off-season

Book when the prices drop.

10…. Check sites like CheapTickets.com or Tripadvisor or Expedia 

Do your homework. Get an idea of the prices you can find by checking site like CheapTickets or Tripadvisor or Expedia. Then book directly from the official airline sites and score cheaper Airline Tickets.

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Safe Travels!!!

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