10 Secrets of Style


10 Secrets of Style to look effortlessly put together because there are tricks to looking stylish.


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Some people are born with it and some have to work for it… Style, like any other art, for some comes natural while other’s need to make an effort to master it.

If you want to learn how to be stylish, you need to do some homework, experiment and experience.

Most of the girls, that make it look effortless, make a substantial effort when styling their outfits.

In an interview for the Canadian Fashion site, Fabulous after 40, I said to Deborah about Style in general … that you either have it or you don’t. But in retrospect, even though it is the case for some people, I believe, style can be cultivated.

Following the blogs you love and reading magazines will educate you, no doubt. But your style and taste level will improve with observing beauty everywhere in nature, in art, in architecture….

It not always about finding your unique signature style, or making a fashion statement. It’s about balancing what you feel with what you wear in a tasteful way. Feminine, androgynous… professional… trendy …. the key to all, is confidence. And confidence comes with knowledge…

10 Secrets of Style to elevate your everyday looks


1. Learn what works for you

buy less choose well

Dressing to flatter your body-type  is important and will set the rules to finding your personal style.

2. Use your imagination

Linda Rodin style

A creative imagination is necessary to express yourself visually.

3. Find a Muse

find a muse

Find your muses! Find the women who have similar body type and you love their style. Notice, what they wear. Try to decode their outfit combinations… Ok, you can just copy in the beginning.

4. Create a pinterest board

Pin the outfits that suit your lifestyle and portray your personality. You will be impressed how this slowly helps you find your personal style.

5. Wear monochrome

monocrome secret of style

I say, wearing black is a shortcut to style but you can read more style quotes from famous designers for inspiration.

Black makes all garments look more luxurious.

Monochromatic outfits are super flattering and sophisticated, no matter the occasion.

Coco Chanel said : I imposed black; it is still going strong today, for black wipes out everything else around.’

6. Find what works and stick to it

sectrets of style

If you find something that works great on your body shape and makes you feel confident, stock up in variations.

7. Own the 5 basics

Cara Delevigne Kate Moss

Do you want to know what all stylish girls have in their closets?

a. A well made statement coat.

b. A super flattering pair of jeans.

c. A LBD or some perfect dress for every occasion.

d. A stylish pair of shoes.

e. An amazing high quality day to night handbag.

8. Add a pop of color

Olivia Palermo So Real Dior sunnies

Stand out by adding a pop of color. Think of a colored bag, some cool colorful shoes or even a bright moto jacket. many stylish people wear one item that stands out.

9. Rewear favorite outfit combinations

t-shirt black bra

Take the time to style some clothes in outfits and keep re-wearing….

10. Never forget to style your hair

hair back black glasses

TrendSurvivor is full of hair inspiration. If you haven’t read these posts… I suggest you do…

Forget bad hair days and 10 things to know about Fall hair trends is a good start…





Images- Vogue.com, WhoWhatWear, Style.com

Have a lovely Day!!!


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