7 Healthy Foods That Help You Glow- Says WHO?

elettra-wiedemann Elettra Wiedemann In Harper's Bazaar Russia

Seven healthy foods that make your skin glow because you know how beauty works… from the inside out! Exciting news huh? Says who? I will reveal the yummy foods that have essential ingredients great for the skin as told from fashionistas and beauty experts.

You might know about a few but incorporating all ten in your diet will work wonders for your skin. I will start with my favorite avocado

I have already given you an amazing spicy guacamole recipe here

1. Avocados


 Linda Rodin, the epitome of style and aging beautifully eats them everyday in her salad. 

Linda Rodin

2. Coconut

Piper-Perabo beauty secret

Actress Piper Perabo, puts coconut nectar in her smoothie. 

3. Fish Oil

 This ingredient makes a big difference if you have dry skin says Jean Godfrey-June, Lucky’s Executive Beauty Director. Fish oil is derived from the tissues of fatty, cold-water ocean fish like tuna and salmon. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and has countless benefits.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

 Apple cider vinegar kills sugar cravings plus is healthy for the skin according to Jessica Seinfeld, author of two cookbooks out and an amazing food website – do it Delicious

5. Green Tea

Eva Chen Fringes skirt

Eva Chen, Lucky’s editor in chief, admits to drinking vats of it.

6. Turmeric

benefits turmeric1

W’s beauty director Jane Larkworthy got the turmeric root recommendation from Palm Beach facialist Tammy Fender. We trust them!

7. Kale

elettra-rossellini-wiedema beauty  portrait

Model and activist Elettra Wiedemann recommends it. Elettra is the the daughter of actress and model Isabella Rossellini. I am going to have what she is having!

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