10 Facts About Color Red and 1 Yummy Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

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The English film director and stage designer, Derek Jarman said Painters use red like spice but I think, in Fashion this year it will be the main course!  You can see why here. On my night out yesterday, in Paroikia, yes, I am blogging from Paros, I took some RED Instagram photos which include a delicious frozen strawberry daiquiri.

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Strawberry Daiquiri

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri is my favorite summer drink!!!

3-4  stawberries + 1 strawberry for decoration
1 ½ parts white rum
1 part lime juice
1 tea spoon sugar
sugar for decoration
2/3 cup crushed ice

Mix all in the blender and decorate with a strawberry and sugar.

Tip : Use frozen glasses.

You can see recipe in Greek here 

10 Facts about RED :


1. Increases enthusiasm
2. Stimulates energy and can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate
3. Encourages action and confidence
4. Provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety
5. Red is the color fo the base or root chakra. This chakra is located at the base of the spine and allows us to be grounded and connect to the universal energies.
6. Gemstones that will aid the Root chakra include lodestone, ruby, garnet, smokey quartz, obsidian, hematite and onyx.
7. Red represents beauty in many languages and cultures, including Russia.
8. In China, red is associated with good luck and fortune.
9. In Greece, Easter eggs are dyed red and the Greek expression “piase kokkino” (“touch red”) is said when two people say the same thing at the same time. It is believed that such an occurrence is an omen that the two will have an argument in the future, which can only be broken when the two touch the closest thing that is red.
10. In India, a red mark on the forehead is said to bring good luck. To the Hindu, red symbolizes joy, life, energy, and creativity.

LADY IN RED,Chris DeBurgh

Is it an omen? In the financial arena, red symbolizes a negative direction.


 Have a lovely Day!!!



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