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10 Chic White Nail Trend Ideas - TrendSurvivor

10 Chic White Nail Trend Ideas

The best chic white nail color trends to inspire you this season. It seems like you were bored of dark colored nails like me and you enjoyed the chic 9 nude color trends.

Check out some more fresh nail art ideas with white color nail polish!

Try negative space, the new French, and grown up glitter!

How to wear white nail polish?

1…. Elegant White

Nail Art Elegant white

2…. White and rose gold french manicure

Nail Art 09

Rose gold french manicure

Try white by Smith and Cult  rose gold nail polish by Deborah Lippmann

3…Logo mania manicure

Nail Art logo mania Chanel

4…Geometric white / black

Nail Art Geometric black white

5… Just add a black line

white nails black line

6…. White nails touch of gold

Nail Art white touch of gold

White Rose Nail Polish by Margaret Dabbs London

7…Minimal Nail art white – black

Nail Art minimal white black

8… White and silver glitter nail art

Nail Art white silver glitter

Silver sparkle nail polish Smith & Cult

9… Nautical white silver nail polish

Nail Art 16

Try Silver Nail Polish Chanel liquid mirror

10… Wear white and be happy 🙂

Nail Art be happy


Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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