10 Best Healthy Foods for Losing Weight

Best-Healthy Foods-Loosing weight

Summer is the time of year I am most conscious about my weight and the 13 best healthy foods for weight loss is what I plan to eat religiously.

Somehow this is the time of the year I gain weight. I guess it’s because I eat too many fruits… I can eat half a watermelon in one go.. They are so tasty in Greece. ‘All good things in moderation’ … An Ancient Greek Philosopher’s quote we all should follow!!!

I don’t know… All I know is I am thiner in winter… and I need to get rid of that extra belly fat fast

So here are the 13 Best Foods in order of preference 🙂

1. Avocado

13 Best Foods for Loosing Weight -Avocados

My number one favorite healthy tasty food. You can actually fight fat with fat. Avocados are high in monounsaturated fatty acids, which can diminish belly fat. Check out the best spicy guacamole recipe  I love to eat it with grilled chicken and cottage cheese.

2. Berries

Berries best foods

The antioxidant anthocyanin, found in berries, can alter gene activity in fat cells, making it harder to gain weight. Love them with Greek yoghurt.

3. Hummus


Guess what? The easy hummus recipe I gave you a few days ago is not only tasty but also a good alternative to mayo saving you tons of calories in the process.

4. Nuts


A recent study showed that people who ate an ounce of nuts a day had higher levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin. With me the problem is I get carried away and eat more than 10 which is more or less how many you should eat every day.

5. Spaghetti squash


Comfort food with low calories!

6. Quinoa

Quinoa best foods

The famous superfood is an excellent source of protein and fiber that helps you feel satiated.

7. Chia seeds

Chia-Seeds Best healthy foods

Chia seeds have fiber, protein and omega-3s!!!! Must be included in a healthy diet.

8. Salmon

Salmon best healthy foods

Grilled salmon has omega-3 fatty acids and  high protein content.

9. Eggs


Super healthy and they make you feel fuller for longer. The yolks are full of nutrients too. A low calorie omelet I like to eat is with zucchini. 

10. Peppers

Peppers best healthy foods

Spicy peppers have metabolism-boosting properties…

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Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. I like eat many of these foods, especially avocado, berries, nuts, eggs and peppers, it’s great that it helps to loose weight!


    1. I love all those too so when I am on a diet I eat things I like … my problem is the quantities… especially with nuts…

  2. Love all of these foods to keep a healthy lifestyle ! I never really thought about peppers being one for losing weight but good to know ^^


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