10 Best Beauty Foods

Have you noticed that the most beautiful women are the ones who care about what food they put into their gorgeous bodies?

The best beauty foods include fruits and vegetables for shiny hair, strong nails, and glowing skin.

I have shared the 10 best foods to loose weight so now read the top beauty foods.

They are fresh and delicious eats filled with the nutrients needed for clearer skin, healthier hair and brighter eyes!

10 beauty foods

10 Beaty Foods by Lauren Conrad

1. Purple cabbage works works against wrinkles. It is both anti-inflammatory and rich in vitamins A, C, and E—which all help to lower cortisol levels. 

2. Edamame, a non-processed soy food is rich in isoflavones, which help to preserve skin-firming collagen. I buy them frozen.

3. Watercress. Rich in calcium, iron, and iodine, watercress helps to cleanse and oxygenate tissues for improved circulation and glowing skin.

4. Wild salmon is full of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, which keep your skin supple and your hair shiny.

5. Beets naturally help to flush out the lymphatic system, which removes toxins from the body, and in turn brightens your eyes.

6. Cilantro has the ability to remove heavy metals that enlarge fat cells from your body.

7. Walnuts. Along with keeping your scalp and hair healthy, the healthy fats in walnuts can make your skin more supple and resilient to issues like age spots and sagging skin.

8. Tomatoes (especially canned ones, believe it or not) are the best source of the powerful antioxidant lycopene, which fights many signs of aging. Tomatoes are also rich in immune-boosting vitamin C, which increases the body’s natural ability to heal damaged or irritated skin.

9. Yogurt. Since yogurt is higher in calcium than milk alone, it’s great for strengthening your nails, teeth, and even improving posture. I like to add a little low-fat or non-fat Greek yogurt to my morning smoothie for a calcium and protein boost.

My perfect combo yogurt, walnuts with Bonne Maman Honey

10. Water is everything when it comes to beauty. When you’re body is dehydrated, every inch of your appearance suffers—from your skin to your hair to your nails to your eyes.

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